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I am Korean who was born and raised in Rome, GA. I became involved with technology in my early middle school years with my family company, Micro Plus. I was given my first computer in 6th grade but came in several pieces. I was required to build it from scratch which was annoying at the time, but was a fantastic learning experience.
Around high school, I started to gain interests in photography as a hobby, so I began started snapping various photos. Shortly after I took up that hobby, I needed a way to share them so I ended up teaching myself web design. I initially started using Microsoft Frontpage as my web design platform. After Frontpage ended, I took up Adobe Muse. Around after college, I adopted WordPress as my primary platform.
About 10 years ago I started taking up videography and making video slides with photos for a missionary trip. Shortly after that, I started getting serious into video editing, making short clips with effects as promos for events.
Web Design, Photography, and Videography are primarily hobbies but am constantly polishing my skills. In addition, I have always been connected and self-educating myself on the latest tech applications.
In 2016, I moved to Washington State as a change of scenery. I continue working in IT as a contractor and also work in retail at Target’s electronic department. When I am not at work, I am at home researching and staying updated on the latest tech trends.